Amid Twisted Chaos Cover Reveal and Release Date

[Cover and background by MiblArt]

It’s here! The Amid Twisted Chaos cover reveal is finally here!

The wonderful team at MiblArt created this cover, and I’m so thankful to have worked with them on not just this cover but the rest of the Darkened Skies series!

Amid Twisted Chaos is a new adult/adult fantasy novel and the third book in the Darkened Skies series. In it, Astrea and her friends must regroup after the harrowing events at the end of Into Whispering Shadows and find a way to push forward and get the answers they need to prevent the Paragon’s plans from coming to fruition. The book will be released on February 19, 2024 and will be available on Amazon and other retailers.

You must read Under Darkened Skies and Into Whispering Shadows before you read Amid Twisted Chaos!

Recommended Darkened Skies series reading order:

  • Under Darkened Skies (Darkened Skies #1)
  • Forged by Flames (Darkened Skies #0.5)
  • Into Whispering Shadows (Darkened Skies #2)
  • Amid Twisted Chaos (Darkened Skies #3)

If you want to see the content warnings for this book, check them out here.

An enemy’s foe makes a dangerous friend…

With the Paragon’s target on their backs, Astrea and Varojin find themselves temporarily exiled from Talmaris for the safety of its people. Not content to wait until trouble finds them again, Astrea convinces Varojin and their guards to trek with her through the Novarian mountains in search of answers that will avert destruction.

Arriving at an abandoned Paragon site, the group finally gets a lead on the question that’s stumped them for months: what does Emperor Aelius want with the meteorite he found in the Badlands, and what does it have to do with void magic?

But upon returning to Talmaris with news of their discovery, Astrea and her friends receive an ultimatum from the Emperor. If they refuse to halt their investigation, they’ll suffer the consequences. So, with few choices and fewer allies, Astrea’s only option is take the conniving Victor Nazarov up on his nefarious offer of support.

But thwarting the Emperor’s evil intentions means breaking into the Helosian Empire and stealing an elusive artifact. And Nazarov’s help will cost Astrea dearly…

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