ARC & Street Team

Interested in reading my books early? Apply today!

Join H.E.'s ARC Team

The ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) team receives digital ARCs of my latest releases in advance for free in exchange for leaving an honest, timely review on launch day. I’ll also sometimes do exclusive giveaways for paperbacks and other prizes for my team.

What’s expected of ARC team members

If you join my ARC team, all I’ll ask of you is an honest, timely review of each book on or around launch day. There are no other obligations or any social media content requirements. If you have additional questions, check out the FAQS section at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to apply to be on my ARC team, fill out the form linked below.

Join H.E.'s Street Team​

A street team is a volunteer group of readers who help authors spread the word about new releases. In exchange for your help spreading the word, my street team readers will get early access to a free eARC copy of my latest books, usually 1-2 months before the public release date. I’ll also sometimes run exclusive giveaways for paperbacks and other prizes for my street team.

What’s expected of street team members

Unlike the ARC team, the street team is built specifically to generate buzz and content about an author’s books on a continuing basis. This will include participating in cover reveals, launch day news, blurb reveals for future books, as well as sharing things they love about the books outside of launch windows. It’s expected that street team members will have their own social media platforms. I will provide some content, like images and blurbs to use, but street team members will also need to be comfortable putting their own spin and voice into content.

Like the ARC team, street team members should read and review the ARCs they receive. If you have additional questions, please check the FAQs below.

If you have a book-related Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or a book blog and are interested in joining my street team, please fill out the form linked below. I will be in touch soon.


Absolutely! Please be aware I recommend my books for readers 18+.

Once you apply, I’ll reach out to you via email, usually within 10 business days, to let you know if you’re been accepted to the team or not. If you are accepted, just sit tight and wait for news from me about new ARCs in the series. If you’re not accepted, you’re always welcome to reapply and ask me any questions.

Of course! If you join either team and decide for any reason that you no longer want to be part of it, just email me. I will take you off the team, and you will no longer receive ARCs.

Yes! If you’re on the street team and involved in things like cover reveals, announcements, and so forth, I will provide graphics and copy. You’re also welcome to write your own captions. All I ask is that you keep content respectful.

This depends on my publishing schedule and how quickly I can write, revise, and edit the books. For the Darkened Skies series, I plan to release a book every 3-6 months through 2024, so you should be receiving books from me on  regular basis.

This schedule is subject to change.

Nope! Both the ARC and Street Team positions are volunteer. I will provide you with digital copies of the book for free.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to send paperback ARCs to all of my team members.  If you need a paperback for accessibility reasons, please let me know and I am happy to discuss the option with you.

I will also have a limited number of ARC boxes available for US-based street team members.

No! You aren’t required to leave any reviews, though as I stated above, reviews are so helpful for authors. If you do want to review the book, please be honest.

If you don’t leave a review, that’s okay. There is no obligation. And if you just forgot, don’t sweat it; you can upload your review at any time after launch!

However, please note that if you don’t post your review in a timely manner, you may not be eligible to receive ARCs in the future. I know sometimes life happens, so you’re always welcome to reapply to the team.

If you know you won’t be able to participate in one book’s release but still want to join in for future ARCs, please reach out to me privately and we’ll get everything sorted.

You can leave your reviews anywhere the books are sold and on social media. As a rule of thumb, Amazon and Goodreads are the best places to start leaving reviews, and they are more important than social media reviews. Feel free to leave reviews on whichever platforms are comfortable and easy for you.

I can’t tell you what to say, but I know sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to share in your review.  My top tip: Remember that you don’t need to write a super amazing, long, detailed review. A couple of sentences stating what you liked about the story, or even something as simple as, “I enjoyed this book,” can suffice.