Character Profile: Astrea Sovna

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Astrea Sovna is the main character in Under Darkened Skies, the first book in my new adult fantasy series. The story is told exclusively from her point of view. Here’s a little more about Astrea:


Name: Astrea Sovna (she/her)

Nickname(s): Az, by close friends only; Sovna, by Cressida and Varojin

Age: 24, born in the spring of year 996

Place of birth: Irvina, a town in the southern part of the Grand Duchy of Novaria

Location in Under Darkened Skies: Kalama, Helosian Empire

Nationality: Novarian

Ancestry: Novarian

Education: University degrees in Helosian literature and Tornamian language studies

Occupation: Junior librarian

Personality: INFJ-T

Sexual orientation: Straight, demisexual


Height: 5’6

Build: Curvy with a smaller bust and larger hips

Skin tone: Pale with pink undertones

Eye color: Silver

Hair color, texture, and length: Near-black, wavy, past her shoulders

Preferred outfit: When she doesn’t have to dress for work, Astrea likes to wear loose linen dresses and brogues during Kalama’s warm springs and summers. This is partially due to sensory sensitivities. In winter, she switches to heavier fabrics and adds sweaters or coats, still keeping her preferred loose and comfortable silhouette.

Accessory she always has on: Brown leather satchel bag

How she wears her hair: Long and loose or in a single braid

Family & Relationships

Mother: Roxana Sovna, deceased

Father: Unknown

Uncle: Saros Sovna

Best friends: Cressida Nikaphoros and Eliana Auris

Though not related to them by blood, Astrea considers the Nikaphoroses her family, too. She’s known Cressida Nikaphoros for fourteen years. Cressida’s parents, Balthazar and Sarsali, have also been important in Astrea’s life since she was a child.

Astrea’s relationship with her uncle, Saros, is complicated. He’s been her guardian since she was just 10 years old, and though they used to get along quite well, things have been changing in the months leading up to Under Darkened Skies.

Favorite Things

Color: Purple

Food: Tie between fried rice balls and Cressida’s spicy Taipoli food

Coffee order: Brown sugar latte

Dessert: Fried cinnamon pancakes or Cressida’s guava turnovers

Constellation: The Queen

Place: Crescent Park in downtown Kalama

Hobbies: Visiting museums and trying new cafes with Cressida 


Astrea Sovna is a Lightbringer. This subset of celestial mages are healers and empaths, and they can also control light. 

When Astrea was ten years old, her uncle and guardian, Saros, moved them both to Kalama for a fresh start. Upon their arrival in the city, he had a vision of Astrea being killed on a battlefield. To spare her that fate, he instructed her to hide her magic, so Astrea never received much formal training.

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And that’s Astrea! You can learn more about her in Under Darkened Skies, available now in Kindle Unlimited.

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