Beyond Veiled Destinies Cover Reveal and Release Date

[Cover and background by MiblArt]

I can’t believe I’m doing my fifth cover reveal, but here we are! Time of the official reveal for the Beyond Veiled Destinies (Darkened Skies #4) cover!

The wonderful team at MiblArt created this cover, and I’m so thankful to have worked with them on not just this cover but the rest of the Darkened Skies series!

Beyond Veiled Destinies is a new adult/adult fantasy novel and the fourth book in the Darkened Skies series. In this installment, Astrea and her friends must work together to battle not just the Paragon but Prince Kaius and Emperor Aelius. The book will be released on June 24, 2024 and will be available on Amazon and other retailers.

You must read the Darkened Skies series in order, starting from Under Darkened Skies (Darkened Skies #1). Recommended Darkened Skies series reading order:

  • Under Darkened Skies (Darkened Skies #1)
  • Forged by Flames (Darkened Skies #0.5) – optional prequel
  • Into Whispering Shadows (Darkened Skies #2)
  • Amid Twisted Chaos (Darkened Skies #3)
  • Beyond Veiled Destinies (Darkened Skies #4)

The final book in the series should release in Autumn 2024.

If you want to see the content warnings for Beyond Veiled Destinies, check them out here.

Destiny demands sacrifice.

With Prince Kaius holding three of their friends for ransom, Astrea and Varojin wearily rally the team for a treacherous rescue mission. But when their quest turns into a violent confrontation, Astrea and her friends question how much void magic the Emperor really has under his control.

Amid the rebellion’s growing efforts to thwart both the Emperor and the Paragon, Victor Nazarov retaliates with quick and violent action, leaving both Astrea and the continent at large reeling. Finally out of their depth, Astrea and Varojin seek new allies, but not everyone is willing to trust the Emperor’s rebellious children.

With news that the Emperor is sitting on a large cache of aetherium, the group must venture back into Helosia to prove their loyalty to the cause. But in doing so, they place themselves in greater danger than ever before—a danger that won’t be outrun again.

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