Beyond Veiled Destinies

Darkened Skies Book Four

Coming June 24, 2024

Destiny demands sacrifice.

With Prince Kaius holding three of their friends for ransom, Astrea and Varojin wearily rally the team for a treacherous rescue mission. But when their quest turns into a violent confrontation, Astrea and her friends question how much void magic the Emperor really has under his control.

Amid the rebellion’s growing efforts to thwart both the Emperor and the Paragon, Victor Nazarov retaliates with quick and violent action, leaving both Astrea and the continent at large reeling. Finally out of their depth, Astrea and Varojin seek new allies, but not everyone is willing to trust the Emperor’s rebellious children.

With news that the Emperor is sitting on a large cache of aetherium, the group must venture back into Helosia to prove their loyalty to the cause. But in doing so, they place themselves in greater danger than ever before—a danger that won’t be outrun again.

Content Warnings

  • Fantasy and magical violence, including artillery and other “modern” weaponry, used both in war scenarios and against civilians
  • On- and off-screen character deaths
  • Blood and injuries
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Nightmares
  • Stalking and threats
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Reference to SA (does not happen, discussion of hypotheticals)
  • References to torture, parental death, current war, historical wars, & rebellion


As with the other books in the series, Beyond Veiled Destinies is recommended for readers 18 and older. Intimate and adult content makes up only a small percentage of the book. Included in this book are:

  • Several open door sex scenes, including consensual sensory deprivation
  • Several steamy scenes (either fade to black or just in-the-moment tension)

Tropes & Microtropes

  • Dangerous rescue missions
  • Elemental magic, including healers and empaths
  • Royal dinners and royal courts
  • Post-industrial worldbuilding
  • Political drama
  • Sweet & spicy romance
  • Villains monologuing and being chaotic
  • Deadly cinnamon roll MMC
  • Soft but resilient FMC
  • Chosen family
  • Solo POV, medium pacing
  • FMC’s magic grows stronger
  • Friends desperately trying to save the world and each other

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