Character Profile: Cressida Nikaphoros

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Cressida Nikaphoros is a main character in Under Darkened Skies, the first book in my new adult fantasy series. She’s not only an important person to the main character but a crucial player in the series.


Name: Cressida Nikaphoros (she/her)

Nickname(s): Cress, by close friends and family only

Age: 24, born near the end of 995

Place of birth: Kalama, Helosian Empire

Location in Under Darkened Skies: Kalama, Helosian Empire

Nationality: Helosian

Ancestry: Helosian, Tornamian, and Taipoli

Education: University degree in engineering

Occupation: Engineer and heir to her father’s business, Lodestar Industries

Personality: ISTP-A

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, allosexual


Height: 5’9

Build: Slender

Skin tone: Copper with warm undertones

Eye color: Jade

Hair color, texture, and length: Black, corkscrew curls, shoulder-length

Preferred outfit: Cressida often wears wide-legged trousers and silky blouses. She likes to play with colors and fabrics, and she loves keeping up with popular Kalamian fashions.

Accessory she always has on: Assortment of bracelets in mixed metals

Family & Relationships

Mother: Sarsali Nikaphoros

Father: Balthazar Nikaphoros

Best friends: Astrea Sovna and Eliana Auris

Cressida has a close relationship with her parents and greatly respects them both. Although not related by blood, Cressida considers Astrea to be her sister. They’ve known each other for fourteen years and spend most of their free time together.

Favorite Things

Color: Green

Food: Her grandmother’s Taipoli recipes

Coffee order: Vanilla latte

Dessert: Guava turnovers

Place: Her workshop

Hobbies: Watching pro mage sports matches, shopping, and baking (Cressida hopes to someday open a bakery)


Cressida Nikaphoros is a Metalli. These are mages who can control both earth and metal. She inherited this magic from her father, and she uses it every day in her work at Lodestar Industries.

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