Character Profile: Eliana Auris

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Eliana Auris is a main character in Under Darkened Skies, the first book in my new adult fantasy series. She remains important throughout the entire series. Here’s everything you need to know about Eliana before (or after!) you start reading:


Name: Eliana Auris (she/her)

Nickname(s): Ellie, by close friends only; El, by Nicos only

Title: Her Imperial Highness, Princess Eliana Auris

Age: 23, born in the autumn of year 996

Place of birth: Kalama, Helosian Empire

Location in Under Darkened Skies: Kalama, Helosian Empire

Nationality: Helosian

Ancestry: Helosian

Education: University degree in political science

Occupation: Advisor to the emperor

Personality: ENTJ-T

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, allosexual


Height: 5’3

Build: Curvy, hourglass shape

Skin tone: Tan with warm undertones

Eye color: Gold

Hair color, texture, and length: Dark brown, wavy, shoulder-length

Preferred outfit: Eliana dresses up every day for her job and life around the palace. This includes skirts, blouses, and dresses made of rich fabrics. Her favorite color to wear is red, which is the Auris family’s color.

How she wears her hair: Half-up while in meetings, styled with ornate clips

Family & Relationships

Mother: Empress Linnaea Auris, deceased

Father: Emperor Aelius Auris

Siblings: Apelo Auris, Kaius Auris, and Varojin Auris

Sister-in-law: Thana Auris, Apelo’s wife

Nieces: Velia and Nina Auris, Apelo & Thana’s young daughters

Best friends: Cressida Nikaphoros, Astrea Sovna, and Nicos Masalis

Eliana’s relationship with her family is complicated. She gets along with her older half brother, Varojin, the best. Because Eliana disagrees with most of her father’s governing choices, she’s generally at odds with Kaius and a significant portion of the imperial council.

Eliana has a large social circle thanks to her position at court, but Cressida and Astrea are her best friends and the people she trusts with everything. She’s also incredibly close with her personal guard, Nicos.

Favorite Things

Color: Crimson

Food: Pan fried garlic potatoes

Coffee order: Medium roast with cream and sugar

Dessert: Strawberry and mango sorbet

Cocktail: Raspberry gimlet

Hobbies: Shopping, visiting nightclubs, and spending time with Astrea and Cressida when she can


Eliana Auris is a Sparkcaster. These are mages who control both fire and lightning. She’s been taking lessons since she was a small child and knows how to defend herself. When she’s especially angry, electricity sometimes sparks around her fingertips.

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