Bonus Scenes & Alternative POVs

Enjoy this free bonus content for the Darkened Skies series, from deleted scenes to alternate perspectives.

Prince Varojin's Apology: Under Darkened Skies Bonus

Read Prince Varojin’s perspective from Under Darkened Skies Ch. 34-36 as he apologizes to Astrea and they spend the night together.

The Prince's Burden: Forged by Flames Deleted Scene

Read about the day of Prince Varojin’s 18th birthday party, including conversations with both his father and Astrea.

The Desperate Search: Into Whispering Shadows Bonus

Follow Prince Varojin in Into Whispering Shadows Ch. 37-43 as he tries to find the Paragon’s hideout and recover what’s been stolen.

Eliana's Strategic Encounter: Amid Twisted Chaos Bonus

Read Princess Eliana’s perspective from Amid Twisted Chaos Ch. 36-37 as she faces a political opponent.

Aetherium's Fallout: Beyond Veiled Destinies Bonus Content

Read Prince Varojin’s perspective from Beyond Veiled Destinies Ch. 55, including new scenes with Adi and Lucian.


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Under Darkened Skies
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