Alternative POVs

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You can now read Chapters 34 – 36 from Prince Varojin’s perspective! This also includes a scene you didn’t get to see in Under Darkened Skies between Jin and Adi the morning after the imperial dinner.

Bonus Scene HE Bauman Under Darkened Skies
Forged by Flames Bonus

Want more from Forged by Flames?

You can now read a deleted alternate opening to the book! See Prince Varojin’s 18th birthday party, including the moment he decides not to tell Astrea he’s being sent into the military.


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Under Darkened Skies
Astrea x Varojin
Forged by Flames

Character Profiles

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Astrea Sovna
Prince Varojin Auris
Cressida Nikaphoros
Adi Kuwat
Princess Eliana Auris
Nicos Masalis