Into Whispering Shadows Cover Reveal and Release Date

[Cover and background by MiblArt]

It’s here! The Into Whispering Shadows cover reveal is finally here!

The wonderful team at MiblArt created this cover, and I’m so thankful to have worked with them on not just this cover but the rest of the Darkened Skies series!

Into Whispering Shadows is a new adult fantasy novel and the direct sequel to Under Darkened Skies. Join Astrea and her friends as they venture north in search of answers. The book will be released on September 18, 2023 and will be available on Amazon and other retailers.

You must read Under Darkened Skies before you read Into Whispering Shadows!

Recommended Darkened Skies series reading order:

  • Under Darkened Skies (Darkened Skies #1)
  • Forged by Flames (Darkened Skies #0.5)
  • Into Whispering Shadows (Darkened Skies #2)

If you want to see the content warnings for this book, check them out here.

Whispers of truth often linger in darkness.

After fleeing the Helosian Empire, Astrea and her friends follow the trail of clues north in search of the mystery-cloaked void mages known as the Paragon. Crossing the border into Novaria, the group finds the capital city on high alert after a string of murders.

Just like in Kalama, the victims bear the mark of void magic—a clear display of brazenness as the shadows’ influence continues to grow across the continent.

Determined to stop the killers and uncover the secrets of the Paragon, the group teams up with Novaria’s ruler, the Grand Duchess Ysabel. But with conspiracies and deceit at every turn, Astrea begins to question everything she thought she knew — not just about the world, but about herself and her magic.

Only one thing is clear: Astrea is being hunted. And this time, no one can save her.

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