Into Whispering Shadows

Darkened Skies Book Two

Whispers of truth often linger in darkness.

After fleeing the Helosian Empire, Astrea and her friends follow the trail of clues north in search of the mystery-cloaked void mages known as the Paragon. Crossing the border into Novaria, the group finds the capital city on high alert after a string of murders. 

Just like in Kalama, the victims bear the mark of void magic—a clear display of brazenness as the shadows’ influence continues to grow across the continent.

Determined to stop the killers and uncover the secrets of the Paragon, the group teams up with Novaria’s ruler, the Grand Duchess Ysabel. But with conspiracies and deceit at every turn, Astrea begins to question everything she thought she knew—not just about the world, but about herself and her magic.

Only one thing is clear: Astrea is being hunted. And this time, no one can save her.

Content Warnings

  • Fantasy and magical violence
  • Alcohol consumption
  • References to current war, historical wars, and rebellion
  • Nightmares
  • Stalking and threats
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Insults by a mentor figure
  • Forced drug use
  • Physical and psychological torture
  • References to parental death


Intimate and adult content makes up only a small percentage of the book Into Whispering Shadows. It is recommended for readers 18 and older. Included are:

  • Two open door sex scenes
  • Several steamy moments (either fade to black or just in-the-moment tension)

Tropes & Microtropes

  • Sweet & spicy romance
  • Elemental magic, including healers and empaths
  • Royal dinner parties & politics
  • Dramatic rescues
  • Family secrets
  • Expeditions to mountains & ruins
  • Ancient shadowy organization
  • Post-industrial worldbuilding
  • Deadly cinnamon roll MMC
  • Soft but resilient FMC
  • Chosen family
  • Solo POV, medium pacing
  • Magic system expands
  • He braids her hair

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