Character Profile: Nicos Masalis

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Nicos Masalis is a main character in Under Darkened Skies, the first book in my new adult (NA) fantasy series launching in 2023.

Here’s a little more about Nicos in the meantime.


Name: Nicos Masalis (he/him)

Nickname(s): Nic, by Eliana only

Age: 26, born in the summer of year 994

Place of birth: Narizon, a city near the Macadian Mountains in the Helosian Empire

Location in Under Darkened Skies: Kalama, Helosian Empire

Nationality: Helosian 

Ancestry: Helosian and Delian

Education: Didn’t go to university; joined the imperial guard at 20

Occupation: Personal guard to Eliana Auris

Personality: ISTJ-A

Sexual Orientation: Straight, allosexual


Height: 6’2

Build: Broad

Skin tone: Light tan

Eye color: Light brown

Hair color, texture, and length: Auburn, straight, and shoulder-length

Facial hair: Close-cropped beard

Preferred outfit: As a full-time imperial guard, Nicos doesn’t have many opportunities to dress in anything besides his crimson and black uniform. He likes neutral colors.

How he wears his hair: Pulled back in a neat bun

Identifying marks: Freckles all over his body & face

Family & Relationships

Mother: Iryne Masalis

Father: Nikolaos Masalis, deceased

Best friend: Eliana Auris

Both of Nicos’s parents were military officers, so he moved around the Helosian Empire as a child. He grew up as an only child, and thanks to his job, doesn’t have many friendships outside of the palace. Even if he did, he’d consider Eliana his best friend. Though he works for the Helosian government, he’s loyal to Eliana and Eliana only.

Favorite Things

Color: Light blue

Coffee order: Dark roast, black

Dessert: Chocolate cake

Hobbies: Long naps, listening to mage sports matches on the radio, and walks on Kalama’s beaches


Nicos Masalis is a Fireweaver. These are mages who control fire. As a member of the imperial guard, Nicos must maintain a high skill level with his magic.

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And that’s Nicos! You can learn more about him in Under Darkened Skies, coming in 2023.

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