Under Darkened Skies

Darkened Skies Book One

A librarian with a secret. A prince looking for redemption. A dark discovery that will force them to confront their truths.

Astrea Sovna is destined to die. As a Lightbringer, she’s expected to serve the Helosian government as a battlefield healer. But when the court seer—Astrea’s uncle—has a vision of her being killed in the line of duty, he forbids her to reveal her powers.

Until now, Astrea has gone unnoticed as a junior librarian. But when she gets reassigned to a diplomatic project to strengthen ties between Helosia and one of its neighbors, she finds herself saddled with her past, in the form of returned war hero and her ex-best friend, Prince Varojin Auris.

Forced to work together, Astrea soon learns that although Varojin has been out of her life for years, he’s still the kind, patient friend she remembers. As they navigate old friendships and imperial politics, the pair discovers that the mysterious shadows stalking the city are leaving a trail of murder victims in their wake. And when Astrea becomes a target, a dear friend gets caught in the crossfire…

As Astrea and Varojin begin searching for answers, they realize there is much more to the emperor’s project than political niceties. If the shadows aren’t stopped, Astrea’s future—and the security of the entire continent—hangs in the balance.

Content Warnings

  • Fantasy and magical violence, including character deaths
  • References to parental death, imperialism, war, gambling, and drug use
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Stalking


Although Under Darkened Skies is the first book in an adult fantasy romance series and recommended for readers 18 and older, this book is not what most readers would consider ‘spicy.’ The following content is included:

  • Tension and secret yearning
  • Steamy kissing
  • Cuddling
  • A scene in which the love interests consider getting intimate but stop

Tropes & Microtropes

  • Dislike (one-sided, her) to friends to lovers
  • Slow burn
  • Forced proximity
  • Elemental magic, including healers and empaths
  • Fake dates
  • Royal dinner parties & summer festivals
  • Post-industrial worldbuilding
  • Deadly cinnamon roll MMC
  • Soft but resilient FMC
  • Chosen family
  • Solo POV, medium pacing
  • Comfort/cuddling after a nightmare
  • Only one bed / only one motorcycle
  • Mr. Darcy hand flex

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