Character Profile: Varojin Auris

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Varojin Auris is a main character in Under Darkened Skies, the first book in my new adult fantasy series. He’s also got his own prequel, Forged by Flames.

Here’s everything you need to know about Varojin before (or after) you’ve read the books:


Name: Varojin Auris (he/him)

Nickname(s): Jin, by close friends only; Auris, by Cressida; Captain, by Adi

Formal title(s): His Imperial Highness; Prince Varojin Auris of Helosia; Captain Auris

Age: 26, born in late spring of year 994

Place of birth: Kalama, Helosian Empire

Location in Under Darkened Skies: Kalama, Helosian Empire

Nationality: Helosian

Ancestry: Helosian

Education: Didn’t go to university; he was pushed into military service by his father at age 18

Occupation: Special forces team lead

Personality: ESFJ-A

Sexual Orientation: Straight, ace questioning


Height: 6’4

Build: Athletic and muscular

Skin tone: Tan with warm undertones

Eye color: Gold flecked with amber

Hair color, texture, and length: Medium brown, curly and short

Facial hair: Close-cropped beard

Preferred outfit: Although he’s back in the capital and no longer on the war front, Varojin prefers his military fatigues. When he can’t wear those, he wears slacks, button-down shirts, and wingtip shoes.

Accessory he always has on: Gold chain necklace

Identifying marks: Pale, raised scars down the left side of his back; a knotted round scar on his left shoulder; a thin, narrow scar on his right shoulder

Family & Relationships

Mother: Caliste, deceased

Father: Emperor Aelius Auris

Half Siblings: Apelo Auris, Kaius Auris, and Eliana Auris

Sister-in-law: Thana Auris, Apelo’s wife

Nieces: Velia and Nina Auris, Apelo & Thana’s young daughters

Best friend: Adi Kuwat

Varojin is the son of Emperor Aelius Auris and his mistress, Caliste. Varojin has never gotten along well with his family except for his younger half sister, Eliana. His relationship with Kaius is antagonistic at best, and though he’s neutral toward Apelo, Varojin loves his nieces. He considers Adi to be his real brother.

Favorite Things

Color: Dark blue

Coffee order: Hot coffee, black

Dessert: White chocolate chip cookies

Cocktail: Whiskey, neat

Constellation: The Warrior

Place: Macadian Mountains

Hobbies: Cooking with Adi and hiking in the mountains


Varojin Auris is a Fireweaver. These are mages who can control fire. Varojin is an exceptionally strong mage, and during his time in the military, he’s gone on to teach other Fireweavers how to master their magic.

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